I can see this becoming my second favorite after Castle, of course, really quickly :D Super excited. :D

Meta indeed.

They better have Nathan Fillion/Richard Castle do at least one Stan Lee style cameo.

Even after 5 years of being ill, I still find myself saying this…



walk walk fashion baby + castle in t-shirt
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #12

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Castle watching The Wives Of Wall Street

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 Hell Ain't Civilized 

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This situation is made even harder when that friend is your sister. Nothing can make you feel as powerless as having to see someone you care about go through something as painful and destructive as an abusive relationship. Being there and ready to help them when they need you is all you can do. I was going to say be strong. But you’re already doing that. So stay strong, for them and for yourself.


Welp! Guess we know who Nathan Fillion is playing this season. Surprisingly this news come from Disney PR.

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